About the Artist

Susan B. Hecht

I’ve always believed that it is the process of painting that should be the focus;

not the painting itself.

I liken it to a dance or playing music ~You walk away with nothing in the end but the experience.

And what a grand experience that can be!

We artists are lucky though, we get a bonus of a painting at the end of our efforts.

Painting, and life, are a similar process.

I’ve learned to keep it simple, be mindful, focus on what’s important and all else will fall into place.

Mostly, be playful and have fun with it!

Artist’s statement:

My goal is to create something beautiful that others can enjoy.

If my paintings bring happiness to them, then I have accomplished my goal.


In addition to my Studio in Apex, NC, my work is also displayed at Tyler White Gallery in Greensboro NC, ArtSource in Raleigh, NC, New Bern Artworks in New Bern, NC, Edward Dare in Charleston, SC, and the Sandpiper Gallery on Sullivan’s Island, SC. 

Susan lives with her family in Cary, NC.

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